XStandoff Examples

On this page are typical XStandoff example annotations ranging from more or less nonsense examples up to real world examples. See The MLCD Overlap Corpus for a list of different overlapping examples and possible serialization formats (including TexMECS, XCONCUR, LMNL, CLIX and ECLIX, and TEI joints and fragments).
There is also the MLCD overlap corpus discussion list (MOC-L) for further information about Markup Languages for Complex Documents (MLCD), including XStandoff.

Note: For downloading the instances please use the respective link ().
Click here if you would like to download all examples in a single zip file (including primary data files and XML schema files).

Some examples have been visualized () using the XSF2SVG and/or XSF2X3D XSLT 2.0 stylesheets that can be downloaded as part of the XStandoff Toolkit in the Download section of this page.
You will need a decent web browser to display both the SVG and X3D examples (see the respective Section on the XStandoff Toolkit page).