Latest update: 06/10/2014

Example files

All XStandoff example files that are provided in the Examples section of this site can be downloaded in a single zip file including primary data files and corresponding XML schema files.

XML schema files

XStandoff is defined by a set of XML schema files. Different versions are available, the stable version 1.0 (still called Sekimo Generic Format due to naming conventions), a stable version of XStandoff (both as XSD 1.0 and XSD 1.1 schema file) and the development build (both as XSD 1.0 and XSD 1.1 schema file).
The best starting point is the the XSD 1.0 schema file of the current stable version of XStandoff. Having a XSD 1.1-capable XML parser at hand you could use the XSD 1.1 schema file as well. The development build should be considered for demonstration purposes mainly.
All XML schema files are available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v3).

Sekimo Generic Format (SGF)

Version 1.0

The Sekimo Generic Format is XStandoff's predecessor. There won't be any more developments in this branch.


Version 1.1 (release: 03/01/2012)

This current version of XStandoff should be used for any production critical projects. It is internally versioned as v 1.1.
Changes in this branch will always be backwards compatible.

Version 2.1 (release: 06/10/2014)

XStandoff 2 introduces several changes compared to XSF 1.1, including support for spatial and pre-annotated primary data. Version 2.1 is the current stable version of this branch.

Former development build (release: 06/12/2013)

This development build was the playground for XStandoff version 2.0. It is not fully backwards-compatible to XSF 1.1 and there is only a XSD 1.1 version available.

Warning: Using this version of the XSD requires a validating parser that supports XSD 1.1 assertions, e.g. Saxon-EE 9.2.x (and above) with option xsdversion=1.1 enabled.

XStandoff Toolkit

Development build (release: 06/10/2014)

This development build reflects some of the changes introduced in XStandoff 2. Note, that annotations over pre-annotated primary data is not supported yet.
All XSLT stylesheets are available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v3).

For further information check the separate Toolkit page.

The (slightly outdated) documentation for the XStandoff Toolkit (generated with XSLTdoc) is available at the following URL:


The XQuery script analyzeXSF.xq is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v3).

There is no separate documentation available, however, the script itself contains some documentation.


XML::Loy::XStandoff is an XML::Loy class for dealing with XStandoff documents. Download XML::Loy::XStandoff at See 2013's Balisage paper for further details.