The XSF toolkit - Generation, editing, and visualisation of XStandoff files


In the context of XStandoff's development several XSLT 2.0 stylesheets have been created which allow for the convenient generation and editing of XStandoff files. Because of product-specific extensions, the XSLT transformations rely on the Saxon XSLT processor which is available both as Open Source version Saxon-B and as optimized, schema-aware, commercial version Saxon-SA.

Currently the XStandoff toolkit consists of seven stylesheets which perform basic processing and visulisation of XStandoff instances. They are responsible for the check of primary data identity, the conversion of a single inline annotation to XStandoff, the merging of XStandoff annotation layers corresponding to the same primary data, the removing of single layers from an XStandoff file and, the conversion of an XStandoff instance to an XStandoff inline annotation.

For detailed information on the individual XSLT stylesheets please view the stylesheet list.